Polak Hotel Ondo is the flagship hotel of the Polak Group of Companies. It is situated in the calm and serene environment of Ondo state, also known as the Sunshine State. The warmth of the people dovetails with its picturesque surroundings to create an enviable balance.

The hotel boasts of world-class comfort and utmost security, making it an ideal location for business and leisure travellers.

It is located just off the highway at Ondo in an easily accessible area away from the hustle of the capital city.

Select from any of our tastefully furnished rooms that are guaranteed to lift your mood and experience the exceptional service that we are reputed for.

The Polak Promise

Dear Valued Guest,

Polak Hotels is dedicated to making your stay as smooth and pleasant as possible. We have assembled a team that is well-trained, efficient, and full of energy, so most of the time, everything runs smoothly.

But, as we all know, sometimes things don’t go as planned. If that happens, we think it’s important for you, the guest, to know exactly what you can expect from us.

Each member of our team is empowered to assist you. By having our Team Members “own” a problem, they are personally invested in making sure everything is resolved to your satisfaction. Not only is this true for the Team Members you may encounter on a day-to-day basis, but we’ve implemented this policy up through every level of the organization, all the way to the Management Team.

Once you arrive, if there is anything we can do to help make your stay more enjoyable, please contact our guest services staff at reception. If for any reason they are unable to assist you to your satisfaction, please feel free to contact our General Manager anytime day or night.
You are welcome to call me at any time during your stay.
Thank you for choosing Polak Hotels!
We look forward to seeing you again.

Polak Hotels