From culture to coffee, music to movie-making, Ondo’s sights and sounds will leave you wanting more. Creativity pulses through the city, with Ondo’s rich history at the heart of the action. If you’re into the outdoors we’ve got historical sites and hills that will leave a desire to return in you. Come celebrate our culture in Ondo State as you visit some of the ancient landmarks below:

Idanre Hills

The historic Idanre Hills are another marvelous Tourist attractions in the State. Idanre Town, the location of these hills is about 24 kilometres southwest of Akure the state capital. The town is divided into viz, the new settlement which is at the foot of the hills and Oke- Idanre the old settlements on the top of the hills. There is the hill top sanctuary of Idanre, which consists of about 640 steps. These had necessitated, in addition, the construction of five resting posts along the steps to the top. At the top of the hill, there is an intriguing footprint, which is widely believed to enlarge or contract to accommodate every foot. It is as well believed that anybody whose foot does not exactly fit into the footprint is considered to be a witch or a wizard. The cultural relics in term of gods, goddesses and traditional arts can still be seen in addition to the old palace built around the 17th century. The panoramic view of the new Idanre never fails to fascinate first time visitors.

Owo Museum of Antiquities

Owo museum is rich in antiquities, artifacts and relics of historical and traditional value. These relics are readily available for the tourists to see for themselves. This centre is significant for educational research.

Igbo Olodumare

This is a thick evergreen forest preserved for its beautiful and fascinating nature. This forest is significant for its spiritual value. It was believed in the past that demons and spirits existed in the forest

Igbo Irunmole

This is unique historical place in Ondo State blessed with numerous wonders of nature. It is suitable for camping, film shooting, picnic, and birds watching. This forest was made popular by the famous novel titled “Ogboju Ode Ninu Igbo Irunmole” by Chief D.O. Fagunwa in 1948. However, the original collection of this book can only be seen in Yoruba Language.

Cave of Ashes, Isarun

Isharun - Ile Owuro twenty-four kilometers of Akure, the state capital and lying between Igbara-Oke and Ilara-Mokin in Ifedore Local Government Area. It is the cradle of the West Africa's oldest pre-historic man. Some kilometers north of Isharun lies the ancient cave of ashes which was acclaimed as the original home of the people of Isharun, and from where the skeleton of the oldest pre-historic man was excavated in 1016 by Professor Thurstan Shaw, an archeologist from the University of Ibadan, following a directive from the Nigerian Antiquities Commission. At the end of the classification and analysis of the skeleton of the man excavated from the Cave of Ashes, the radio-carbon dated the skeleton as 9991 years old now having lived at about 8,000BC. Also found at the Cave of Ashes were fragments of pots and grinding stone dated back to 1,000 BC. Parts of the skeleton of the man of Cave of Ashes are kept at the University of Ibadan and Owo Museum of Antiquities while a cast of the skull is in the British Museum of Natural History in South Kensington, United Kingdom. The man of the Cave of Ashes confirmed the theory that man lived in West Africa before the Neolithic period i.e before man started to settle in village groups. Cave of Ashes has had an invaluable impact on the growth of West African historiography and it is indeed a tourist potential in Ondo State in particular and Nigeria in general.


Ebomi Lake

Ebomi Lake is located at Ipesi in Akoko South West Local Government. The length of the lake is about 1.6km and 40 meters wide. This lake is referred to as the bottomless lake. It is between Edo and Ondo States. The people of Ipesi, according to oral history, met Ebomi Lake at Ipesi. The word Ebomi is an adulteration of a Yoruba word ABAMI which literarily means mysterious. The lake, according to the villagers, has spiritual and guiding power for protecting the villagers during wars. The lake has unseen soldiers (according to oral history) that fight wars for Ipesi people. The lake's deities give the villagers different gifts like fish, children and fowls. Economically, the lake is very viable especially to farmers in the village. It also encourages irrigation in the area. Apart from this the villagers fish on the lake. To encourage them however, the Akoko South West Local Government bought a flying boat on the lake. There is a special priest for the lake charge with the responsibility of appeasing it in time of trouble and for general protection of the town.

Coast Creek and Canal

Ondo State has one of the longest territorial waters in Nigeria. The beach front is excellent for boating, swimming, sport fishing, picnic, boat regatta, diving and many more. This beach front is about 142km from Akure the state capital.


Oke Maria

The Oke Maria, Oka Hills provide attractive scenery for visitors and tourists to the area. Oka town is located North-East of Akure, state capital. It is in Akoko South-West Local Government it is about 113 kilometers away. The Roman Catholic Mission had occupied one of these hills for sometime now. This hill is labelled St. Mary's Hill and there is a Catholic Shrine dedicated to virgin Mary. A statue of the virgin Mary is conspicuously erected on the top of the hill. Christians of different denominations visit this resort centre in the second week of February every year. Over 500,000 pilgrims visit this centre yearly. This St. Mary's hill was spotted in 1916 by Rev. Father Cerminath. This beautiful virgin Mary statue was donated by the family of Dr. Olivomi